[IMPLEMENTED] Getting specific content versions from GraphQL

Hey Sebastian. Is there any way to get a specific version of content using the GraphQL API? For example, I’d like to query some content with a specific ID, but I don’t want to see the most recent version, I would like to see an older one instead.

Looking at the front-end, I see that this seems possible with REST using /api/content/…/“content id”/“version number”. I haven’t found any documentation on this (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough). I would like to do exactly this, but using the GraphQL API, if at all possible.

No, it is not possible with graphql yet.

I have implemented this, will be deployed and available as release soon.

Thanks a lot, Sebastian! Great to hear this will be available soon. Could you tell me roughly how soon that is?

Cloud or self hosted?

We’re running self hosted.

Perhaps Monday or Tuesday or you try the current dev version.

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