[IMPLEMENTED] Get all Asset Folders in single request


We have a need to get the entire folder structure for an App and currently that requires a recursive call to Squidex to do so. It would make our code a bit simpler and speed it up having less requests to have the ability to get all folders in a single request.

Currently you can get the Path that I believe includes the entire structure from a specific Parent: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/docs#operation/AssetFolders_GetAssetFolders

Expectation was that not providing a parentId would be default return all folders, understandably that could be breaking change so perhaps a new parameter of all=true could be provided?

From the looks of it all the information is there in States_AssetFolders2 that would then be filtered by the App ID (_ai field in MongoDB).

Let me know what you think, obviously not an important change as there is a way of getting this information already, we also cache the response so we are not having to do the recursive calls frequently so performance not a problem for us.

I think this change makes sense, because you can also request assets across folders.

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it has been implemented in the current dev release.


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Hi @Sebastian,
I don’t yet see this functionality in current API/SDK.
Could you advise if/when this will make it to main branch release?

I am actually not sure what I have implemented here :smiley: