[IMPLEMENTED] Generate Enums for String fields in GraphQL

Requested by a user.

This has been implemented, but you have to opt in for that.

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Hi Sebastian, this sounds pretty useful. Am I right in saying it will mean filtering will provide all the ‘Allowed Values’ instead of requiring you to type in the value manually?

For example we have quite a basic A-Z category setup in one of our fields:

And at the moment we need to type in the character we want to search for:

Obviously for this example typing in ‘A’ isn’t much of a hassle but if allowed values are longer like ‘Apple’, ‘Orange’, ‘Bread’ etc then having a dropdown will make it much easier and we’ll aim to get it deployed and tested sooner rather than later.

Also in a separate question does invalidate some of the Validation options for string fields like Min and Max Length?

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No, it will only mean that in GraphQL an enum is generated for this field to have more type safety in the clients / code.

But your feature request makes sense. You can create a separate feature request for that and it should be relatively straight forward to implement this.

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