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I’m pretty new to squidex and I was wondering whether a full text search can work on assets files. I have created some content with a field being an asset. I have uploaded some files (files with “.groovy” extension) and I’d like to know if there is possible to make a full text search over these documents. When I did a first attempt, it seems that is not working. Maybe it’s something that need to be configured or it’s not supported.

Thank you very much.


A full text search would not help that much. Because it would create terms from the file names and file names are usually not very good texts.

But you can make a contains search

$filter=contains(fileName, 'groovy')

You can also make a matchs query:

$filter=matchs(fileName, '(.*)\.groovy')

Read more about queries here: https://docs.squidex.io/02-documentation/developer-guides/api-overview/api

You can also search by mimeType or by tag.

Many thanks @Sebastian! But maybe it was my fault and I didn’t explain it correctly. I meant full text search inside the file content. I’m not sure whether this is possible, because at the end of the day, these files would contain plain text.
Sorry for the confusion.

Right now it is not possible. You have to write a webhook and then read your asset and put it in Algolia or Elastic.

But could be a good extension to allow reading the file directly in the rules, so that a custom webhook is not necessary.

Thanks again @Sebastian! Yeh, it would be a great future having this as a built extension :wink:

There is a PR for this feature now. You can access the asset text in rule actions now. With liquid the syntax is like

<% assign assetText = event | assetText %>

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