[IMPLEMENTED] Expand many languages

Hello Sebastian,

We are using Squidex to edit content in many languages. The screenshot attached should provide a clear example.

Is it possible to show the same field in multiple languages one underneath the other instead of using the drop down menu?

Not yet, I think for most editors it would also not make a lot of sense. Perhaps a setting would work.

Is it something that can be requested as a feature?

Everything can be requested but not everything will be implemented :wink:

Do you think that it should be an button in the UI or a general setting?

An option would be adding this setting when creating the field. When checking the ‘Localizable’ tick box, an additional option is shown, for example ‘Unfold languages’. I presume setting it at schema level is of course easier when rendering the UI for content management.

Another (more preferred) option is to have fold/unfold button next to localizable fields to open them all one after the other.

I will publish this feature tomorrow.

I have published it.

Hello Sebastian,

Apologies for the delay. Thanks for the feature implementation.

I wish you a Happy New Year!