[IMPLEMENTED] Enhanced controls on assets

It would be amazing to have enhanced controls on assets.

My issue right now is I’d like to be able to choose if an asset reference link should be displayed in the browser or downloaded. I’m finding that Squidex is setting the Content-Disposition header to attachment; filename="somefile.mp3"; filename*=UTF-8''somefile.mp3 which prompts the browser to download the file rather than play it in the browser.

Also being able to configure the Content-Type header for assets would be a nice feature to have.

Thanks as always

This is independent from the content type, I can change this behavior.

It is just this line:

I have changed the behavior to always serve the file without an attachment name.

Thanks for the quick change. This does achieve what I requested.

However I’m concerned that the removal of filename information from the headers is a significant loss of metadata. If a visitor tries to save an asset to their computer, the default filename is now the GUID instead of the actual filename.

I think setting the Content-Disposition to inline and including the attachment name would allow the assets to be loaded by the browser while providing the filename metadata if the visitor wants to download the file.

Make sense, I was not aware that there are different types