[IMPLEMENTED] Enforcing 2 selections in References field type

Sorry if this is just something I’m missing. I checked the documentation first, but didn’t see a solution. I want to enforce that our publishing team always specifies exactly 2 “featured articles” on the home page schema. So under the field validation settings I set the MIN items value to 2 and the MAX items value to 2. But I get an error when saving stating that MAX must be greater than MIN and I can’t save. How can I enforce that 2 “featured articles” are selected at all times? Please see attached image for a shot of the form.

This is a use case I have not thought about yet, I can change the behavior today.

I am working on it at the moment.

I deployed your change yesterday evening. I found several small bugs in the validation system and fixed them and improved the automated tests, so it took a little bit longer than expected.

Thanks Sebastian. I verified that I can do this now.