[IMPLEMENTED] Docker compose without Lets Encrypt

Yesterday I tried to setup Squidex on my local machine using the docker compose files from the squidex-docker repo.

I noticed all of them use lets encrypt which makes it impossible to run squidex on localhost.

I then had to clone the repo, install all the nodejs dependencies, build with sass, and finally install mongo as a windows service.

Since the rebuild sass step messes with your env variables and what not I did not think this is a nice solution.

So what I would like instead is to install Squidex on localhost by only running containers. Minimum would be Squidex and Mongo images.

Has this been done already only that I haven’t looked in the right place?

Have you tried the “-noproxy” compose files?

With http.
Still forces you over to https. Seems to do with identity server.
Couldn’t make it work with that compose file.

It depends on the config:

Yes, I set https to false in the .env file but it still didn’t work.

Have you cleared your browser cache? It is a permanent redirect, perhaps the browser has forwarded you.

Yes, I think I tried that too… don’t remember now but 99% sure I tested that… I also tried incognito mode in Chrome… no luck there either.

I am 100% sure that Squidex and identity server do not enforce it, if the settings is false.

Thanks, will try again.
Could be HSTS (forces HTTPS) in Chrome giving me trouble again.
It caches localhost and you have to manually remove it.

It was indeed a Chrome issue. Stupid browser. :slight_smile:
Thanks Sebastian, sorry for wasting your time.