[IMPLEMENTED] Display webp images in Squidex dashboard

Currently if an image is uploaded as webp it shows it as a standard greybox thumbnail.
The proposal is to show them as images.
Most browsers have native support for webp so if they are rendered the same way you render png files this should work

The problem is that I only show images when I know that it is an image. The image library I use does not support webp, so I cannot create a thumbnail and I can also not extract the image metadata.

Btw: The PR looks very promising, so I hope that i can provide webp support soon: https://github.com/SixLabors/ImageSharp/pull/1271

That would be amazing, as at the moment I have to choose whether to serve oversized webp images or properly sized png. And none of this makes Google happy.

Or preformatted (pre-resized) webp images :wink:

As step 0 I can also add the feature to change the format of images.

they need to be in two or three different sizes to be responsive so i would rather wait for the feature :wink:

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The ETA for this task is end of December / beginning of January.

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WebP is merged in the master branch of the image library: https://github.com/SixLabors/ImageSharp/pull/1271

It has finally been implemented.

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