[IMPLEMENTED] Deploy button to trigger CI


I’m investigating in different headless CMS for building static websites with Nuxt.
Squidex seems really nice and open source. However, I cannot find a way to deploy the website with a Continous Build system like Netlify.
Did I missed something ?
It could be really nice to have different deploy environments like “Staging” and “Production” to deploy with Gitlab CI, Netlify or event trigger a custom webhook.

The current Rules menu allows to trigger a webhook when content has changed but it would be really demanding to trigger the CI on every content changes.
I’d like editors to make multiple changes and then click on a button to manually trigger the CI and get a notification when the build competes/fails.

Is there any planned features for this ? I looked at the Trello board but couldn’t find.


I am not sure what exactly you are talking about?

  • Staging environments?
  • All changes webhooks? (Already exists, just use a ContentChangedTrigger and click the checkbox)

You could also use a special schema just to trigger builds. The result of the build can then be seen in the events overview under the rules section.

Thanks for the fast answer!

I’m talking about

  • [For developers] Configuring multiple environments (testing / staging / production) and how to build them (with Netlify / Gitlab-CI webhooks)
  • [For editors] Adding a button per environment that would call the the appropriate build webhook.

In fact, I could create a special schema to trigger build (for example with a number to increase for each deploy). However, this would not lead to a great experience for editors.
Also, I would have to create a special schema for each environment.

Now I get it, thanks.

I was thinking about this feature. It is very special and I am not sure if I would blow up the feature set with this. What do you think about something like contentful:

https://www.contentful.com/whats-new (under Custom Sidebar)

Hi Sebastian, thanks for coming back on this !

Is static website builds (with static data in JSON) very special ? I think this is getting quite common these days.

Custom Sidebar from Contentful seems nice but it seems to be linked to some model.
The point of the “Deploy button” feature would be to rebuild a static website after changes.

If you want to edit some models, publish / unpublish some stuff and finally edit some translations, it would be inappropriate to triggers Netlify / CI many times. It would be more appropriate to trigger the CI once you made all the edits with a deploy button.

DatoCMS implemented something like this with the “deployment environment” feature (I didn’t find any appropriate documentation link though)

Perhaps you are right. I would like to use the existing infrastructure for that. We could create a custom manual trigger for the rule engine and then add a button to these rules to trigger them? Would this work?

Yeah it would totally fit :slight_smile:

Cool, I would also make an improvement to the rules to give them a name and when I do this I will add the manual trigger. Very likely next week.

It has been implemented:

Awesome ! :slight_smile:
Thanks Sebastian !