[IMPLEMENTED] Custom AnalyticsId for Google Tag manager

Hey Sebastian,

I see that there is a default Analytics key configured in the frontend. Is there a way to change this key to my own key without having to fork Squidex?

I looked trough the code but I couldn’t find a setting.

Hope you can help me out.

Kind regards

No, there is not setting yet.

But a PR would be welcome.

I would see what I can do!

Im working on this pull request, It works but to make the tests succeed i need to mock the UIOptions in Angular. But i see you dont have any mocking classes, where can i add a mocking class? Underneath what folder?

I you haven’t tought about it i will figure it out my own and then you can see it in the pull request.


I use typemoq for that. But I would keep it simple. It would be good to have 100% test coverage but I need to be pragmatic. Your PR will very likely do not contain any logic, so I would just skip the tests.



The only problem is, is that the tests you wrote are failing, I added a parameter to the function, which is now missing in the tests.

I see that sometimes you make them optional, but I thought, if I could mock them, that would be much nicer.

So I’m gonna look into typmoq and see what I can do.

Thanks for the reply

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its implemented, you may close this one.

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