[IMPLEMENTED] Create related content inline

We are using Squidex to manage content with lots of “multiple content” schemas. Most of those schemas have relations to other schemas. At the moment we need to create the item to link first and then add a link from another content item. It would be a lot easier to create the relation inline. So instead of having a “click here to link related content” we would need a “click here to create related content”.

I’m running into the same thing! This would make a world of difference for our models that have a lot of references.

Directus does a nice job at this:

What you see here is the form for creating a new content item where the schema is called “Nested Entity” (as an example). The item contains a single field with a reference to a different collection. Two buttons are presented for dealing with the possibilities.

When you click “Create new” you get a modal dialog where you can then first create the reference item.

You can also select an existing entry:

Check out the directus demo here: https://demo.directus.io/ ("admin@example.com" + “password”)


Looks nice. This should be doable relatively easily and is perhaps the perfect candidate for a PR :wink:

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Implemented and deployed.

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Is there a config switch for this? I’ve downloaded and build the Master branch today, but the new button doesn’t show, like it does on the cloud version

No, it is the same code, more or less. Are you sure that is not a caching issue or so?

it is also in github: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/frontend/app/features/content/shared/references/references-editor.component.html#L12