[IMPLEMENTED] Copying tags between content items

There is a field type - Tags.
For adding a new value in UI (cloud.squidex.io) it’s required to type the tag (or copy) value and input a comma.

However, when I need to duplicate the same values/tags in another content item - I did not find a possibility for copying tags. I had to do it manually.

In case I copy a string with commas (e.g. ‘tag1, tag2’) and add a comma after - the whole string (including the commas) will be treated as a tag (the tag will be - ‘tag1, tag2’ instead of ‘tag1’, ‘tag2’).

Is there such possibility?

The tag control is a custom solution, it should be possible. Will add it this week probably.

A build with clipboard support is in the pipeline. Say thank you by buying a subscription :wink:

I have deployed it, please test it and provide feedback.

It works perfect.
Great job, Sebastian.

You are welcome …