[IMPLEMENTED] Copy / Clone nested items

Hi Sebastian,

It woul be really cool to be able to clone / copy content items.

Use case : we have some documents with many options, it would be really usefull to have a button to make a copy for fast content creation.

It would also very usefull to have the same feature to clone an item IN a nested collection, the use case would be to speed up content creation when a similar item already exist in the collection (which is frequent in our case).

The feature is quite similar to schema clonning, but for content.

Implementation : a “3 points buttons” with the clone/copy option, for content items, and at the nested item level.



Do you mean this:



Exactly, but for content & nested items.

Damn, it exists !

Can’t see it for nested items though !

It is from the content view.

Thats true, it does not exist for nested yet. I have changed the title.

My mistake, thanks a lot !

Would it be possible to implement it at nested level ?

Of course it is possible.

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Implemented and deployed …

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