[IMPLEMENTED] Convert to Localize Field

Hi Sebastian,

I want to convert a non-localize field to a localize field for schema.
it can turn into a very essential subject according to the project development.

Sharing an example that could be possible with the image.

Thank you.

I will think about it.

This subject is actually very important. Because it is very difficult to collect this situation if you do not create localizable field at the beginning and there is data entry. Isn’t there an easy way to fix?

I will think about it. Actually it makes a lot of sense to implement this now.

When I started with Squidex I was thinking about what would happen when a field changes over time. Lets say a field “user” is created as a a string field, then deleted and then recreated with the same name but as a reference. Then the field value in the database would not match the schema anymore, but touching all content items in the database also does not make sense because it is slow and complicated.

Therefore I introduced field-id, an internal number field that is unique for each field in a schema. Deleting a field with an old name gives a new id, which is used when storing the content database. This made sense until I introduced a feature to query a content with a specific version. You can say: “Give me content X with version 2”. Then I go over all the events and recreated the content as it looked at version 2. This works fine, but has the problem that I use field names in the events. So I had to think about value compatibility and now I just check whether a field is compatible before I return it. This makes the whole field-id thing obsolete and would also reopen the door for changing partitioning (localization).

And what about field renaming? I know it is from bossiness perspective not that useful, because you can mostly live with current name. Which, for example make more sense in past, but now you have no option to refactor your scheme. Of course, it not have much priority, if it can be implement with this feature it will be good.

It would be difficult, but I would not implement it.

It’s nice that you find the idea logical and give the impression that you will start.
I’m waiting for the good news.

Thank you.


The switch from ids to names for contents works out of the box. I have no added the option to change partitioning, but you can use the json option in the UI to do that.


health to your hands. So, has this feature been deployment to the cloud?


not yet. This feature requires a migration which takes up to 30 minutes. I will announce the migration tomorrow. When the migration is running no updates or writes in general will be possible.

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you are super man :crazy_face: I should also say that an easy convert to localize field with a button would be great for UX.

yes, but I would like to make it hard.

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