[IMPLEMENTED] Content Cloner for Multilanguage

Hi Sebastian,

In multilingual content entries, when I want to copy EN content to eg RU language, it is very difficult to edit. For this, it would be very good if there is a development where we can automatically copy the content in a language we want to a different language we want. If you wish, I can work UI / UX on how it can be.

Yes, sounds like a plan. But have you seen the option to show all languages for simple editors?

yes i have seen it but still when there is a lot of field it is necessary to select images, select relationships etc. too much time is wasted. so it would be nice to be able to apply an english content to russian or a russian content to any other language or all language with a simple click.

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A mockup would be very welcome.

I tried to do something quickly. It could be a similar logic. First, it chooses which language to copy from, and then when it says apply to which languages to copy, the copying process is completed.

I like this, I will implement it exactly like this. I would probably change the icon and call “Apply = Copy”

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I implemented it exactly like your suggestion:

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It is not deployed yet.

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