[IMPLEMENTED] Clone Array List Schema

Hi Sebastian,

Is there a way to clone a schema yet?
Like to clone array list schema eg. since there is no nested array list, I need to add 7 days array list schema as per image and would be great if there’s a clone feature for that.


Like the idea, but can you not just add an string field to each array item with “weekDay” and a dropdown?

Yes but I like to group them. I dont want the user to keep picking the weekday everytime they add an event for the day. Ideally like to add one array object with weekday dropdown then child array object with other 3 fields but nesting is not allowed so I have them setup like that.

What we’ve been doing to duplicate schema is that, we grab the schema from the json schema link at the top of the page, then delete the schema and recreate a new one using updated json file since that json file cannot be updated once created. It’ll be great if there’s UI base clone schema fields/object function and updatable json schema file.

I have prioritized the json editor for schemas: https://trello.com/b/KakM4F3S/squidex-roadmap

It was requested before so I think it is finally time to have a look to it and there is a new sync endpoint for schemas that was introduced a while ago, that can be used for this feature.

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Thanks for prioritizing. It’ll make our life a lot easier for deploying schema across multiple environments and apps.

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You can also automate a lot of things with the CLI or API

Hi, I have implemented the json editor mode. This should help with that.

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