[IMPLEMENTED] Can we have unique values in an array based on nested field

We have an array field relatedArticals, this has further 2 nested fields relatedArticle (reference field) and isActive (boolean). Now is it possible to have only unique references based on the relatedArticle (reference field).

As seen in the below screenshot there are 2 items in the array and both have the same relatedArticle reference. Is it possible to restrict the user from adding the same reference?

You should use a References type instead of an array.


Then click Create and edit field

in Schemas, you should select the schema that you want to refer to. By default, reference items are not allowed to be duplicated so it can solve your problem.

Thanks for the update.
We are already aware of this, but in this case along with the reference field (relatedArticle) we have to maintain other fields as well (like isActive etc…) so can’t use this option.

Yes, I think this is possible. I will work on that.

Thanks Sebastian, will wait for the reply…

I am working on that …

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It has been implemented, but I am not sure yet, when I can deploy it.

@Sebastian - Please let us know when the feature is deployed and how we can introduce this in our code base.
Thank you.

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