[IMPLEMENTED] Bulk and Permanent Delete of Content missing from API specification

Hello, first of all we are now using 7.1.0 in production so thanks for your support for all the questions I have been asking recently. Looking forward to 7.2.0!

I just noticed that the API specification doesn’t mention the bulk endpoint or permanent delete option for Contents. It may have been omitted deliberately(?) but they are pretty useful endpoints for us (via the Squidex.ClientLibrary) so might be beneficial for others to raise awareness.

For permanent deletion I can see from the Squidex.ClientLibrary ContentsClient class it is simply providing permanent=true in the query string so I can aim to use that, however I have 378 content items to delete so that could get a bit onerous doing one at a time…definitely asked before but just to clarify am I right in saying using the UI to delete content items or using the UI or API to delete the schemas results in ‘zombie’ data being retained?

I was just looking into this to potentially delete all contents of a schema manually as for some reason one of our environments is failing to delete more than one at a time using the BulkUpdateAsync method of the Squidex.ClientLibrary (likely for some reason the initial call to get all content IDs is failing to get more than one at a time for some reason, if this sounds like something you’ve encountered before please do let me know!).

Also as a final question in a production environment would you advise using custom IDs so that we can overwrite existing items rather than permanently deleting and then recreating them?

Yes, exactly, this is true.

I can add that.

I have never heard about that.

If you have natural custom IDs, it makes things easier. e.g. an ID that is coming from another system or something like country codes, IATA and so on.

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