[IMPLEMENTED] Better rule editor

I need your feedback.

Recently I got a lot of questions about the rule system and this is an indicating that the feature is definitely not good enough. It actually goes beyond what many other headless CMS systems offer, but this is not a good measurement of success.

I see the following problems at the moment:

  1. The rule editor is a dialog, therefore you cannot compare your rule with the existing events.
  2. The rules cannot be simulated and you need to make test changes to get an understanding how it works.
  3. The changes to a rule are live immediately and you cannot make changes and just save them.
  4. The 3 different styles for variables are not represented good enough.
  5. There are probably more issues. I would like to hear your feedback.

Therefore I am planning to build a better rule editor:

(1) Full screen editor for your rules
(2) Publish rules to make them live
(3) Simulation mode to test the rule on the last 100 events in your app.
(4) Reason what happened with an event.
(5) Detail why an event was not handled.
(6) Json log of the rule job.

The next screen shows how the 3 styles for variables will be represented in this editor:


Update: STEP 1 is done:

I have to write a few more unit tests now and test more and then it will be released end of this week.

Next steps are then:

  1. Custom input fields where you select the formatting option
  2. Simulation Mode
  3. Publish changes (if requested)

I have made a few changes and added a new editor where you can select the formatting syntax:

Just another update:

What you see:

(1) Syntax highlighting
(2) The rule simulator reachable over the sidebar menu (3)
(4) A status per event whether it would be a success or if it would be skipped
(5) A reason, why the event was skipped
(6) The data that will be used by the action.

This feature has been mainly implemented (except Publishing of rules)

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