[IMPLEMENTED] Autocorrect EXIF orientation when uploading image

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Current behavior

I am displaying the image at the url: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/assets/content-library/b191a264-13ef-4563-b4ab-383bbe90d34d?width=250&height=200&mode=Pad&nofocus

However, this image does not display in the expected width and height dimension. Here is a screenshot of how it ends up appearing in the inspector:

An additional strange quirk as the IE11 decides to render this image rotated 90 degrees.

Expected behavior

I expect the picture to be rendered with 250px width and 200px height.
IE11 should not be rotating the image.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

The main thing I figured out was that this seems to be happening with images taken and emailed via an iPhone. My particular model is a S6, running on iOS 13.6

Otherwise the image taken through the iPhone was uploaded via the Squidex API.


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  • [x] IE
  • [ ] Edge

Thanks for any insight.

What kind of format is it? It seems to be an unsupported format.


  1. It is not detected as image (I have checked the db).
  2. It has a strange mime type: multipart/form-data

Another strange thing is that when I have reuploaded, it works: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/assets/my-tests/1abf0f10-39e7-4aee-ab2a-38ed2a5997e1/img-grasshopper-1-.jpg?version=0&width=230&height=192&mode=Pad&nofocus

But it behaves strange in chrome, it renders it rotated as well.

When I open it:

When it is rendered:

I think this image is somehow just broken, not sure if I can fix it and the priority is relatively low.


It is the exif orientation issue. It should be possible to fix this when uploading. I have changed it to a feature request.

Many thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for the feature.

This feature has been implemented but not deployed yet.

It is deployed now …