[IMPLEMENTED] Auto increment in numbers


we would like it if the numbers gave the possibility to set an auto increment. We have now had the problem a couple of times that we had to create this through the code.


I am not sure if I will create something for fields directly, but perhaps a counter functionality for scripts.


I added a script counter (per app)


ctx.data.number.iv = incrementCounter('abc2');


Will be deployed soon

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that’s cool :slight_smile:
Works flawlessly. Thanks for your work.

And sorry for the long reaction time … Corona sends its regards.

Greetings Andreas

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I get the following error:
Failed to execute script with javascript error: Object has no method ‘incrementCounter’.

* Object has no method 'incrementCounter'.

Can you pinpoint me to what am I doing wrong?

Which version are you using?

Thanks for the fast response.

Okay, I will check if it deployed. I am not sure to be honest. Usually I update the feature requests after deployments. Can you also post your script?

Sure it’s pretty straight forward:

ctx.data.barcodeSuffix.iv = incrementCounter('tru-dev');
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Any update on this? Do you need any further info?

Sorry, not…I think it is just not deployed yet, but I will check it again today and then deploy it.

Hi, I have deployed it.