[IMPLEMENTED] Auto complete test data

Add a feature to automatically enter test data into the system based on the field type.

For example:

  • Select the number of content items to create for each schema
  • Auto complete lorem ipsum in text fields, auto select an asset for image, auto select random items for related fields…


What is your use case for that?

Because the system has an API I tend to move these kind of feature requests to external tools like simple command line tools and hope for community support. Same for import and export features by the way.

Hi Sebastien,

Use case is that I would like to add a lot of data to easily start some testing on my api query code and the user interface of my app during the dev process. We’re only using the API to read data, not for content creation (the standard Squidex backend UI is enough for our create content requirements at the moment). That means that it would be additional coding for us to start adding test data. A feature like this would be really helpful for us to start new development phases quickly.

Bolt.cms has something like this to add dummy content, although I’ve never tried it so I don’t know the functionality in detail.

Sounds useful, a CLI tool would be fine too, I hope.

Yes sure - it would be nice if it was integrated into the UI, but a CLI tool would definitely work for my use case.

It has been added to the CLI now: https://app.gitbook.com/@squidex/s/squidex-v2/02-documentation/developer-guides/automation-tools#use-case-generate-test-data