[IMPLEMENTED] Assets Improvement(Online Editing etc.)

Hi Sebastian,

I have some suggestions on the assets side.

  • [IMPLEMENTED] Most importantly, online editing feature for files such as text, css, js.
  • [IMPLEMENTED] Word, Excel, PowerPaint Viewer
  • [IMPLEMENTED] Pdf Viewer
  • [IMPLEMENTED] Video Player

There would be serious improvements for Assets.
Thanks for all your support.

Good point. Do you know a good solution or library that supports this?

there are detailed explanations here.

I wrote some of what I know.

That’s very cool, thanks. Ace is already integrated. The most challenging aspect is to identity the different file types I guess.

I am working on this now and have modified your post to indicate what is implemented.

I’m looking forward. Health to your hands :slight_smile:

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Frontend project is not compiling. Please check it.

ERROR in app/shared/components/assets/asset-text-editor.component.html:1:40 - error TS2540: Cannot assign to ‘text’ because it is a read-only property.

1 <sqx-code-editor [(ngModel)]=“snapshot.text” [filePath]=“fileName”>

I have a build server, don’t worry :wink:

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It is deployed to the cloud now.