[IMPLEMENTED] Assets - folder structure

With Assets, it would be great if we could have a folder structure for these. I know something similar can be created with tags, but for our end users, this isn’t as intuitive for them to get their heads around. Its also a lot simpler to create a hierarchy with folders.

Also when assigning assets to a content item, is there any way to change the order of the assets like you can do with reference items?

Sorry for the late response: If you switch to list mode you can rearrange the assets with drag and drop.

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Is there any more updates on the ability to have assets stored in folders. For my implementation the client wants to store a lot of documents and they see folders as the intuitive way to do that. Any thoughts on the best ways to customise to achieve this? We would use Azure blob storage.

Not yet, sorry. There were always features more important than this one.

I totally understand and I appreciate the fast response. Do you have any ideas on a simple way for me to customise to add folder support?

It is a relatively complex feature. If it would be easy I would just have done it long time ago.

Finally it is going forward

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Making progress…


I have merged the feature request in.