[IMPLEMENTED] Assets as file manager

Organise assets with a file manager.

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+1 on this, definitely a high value enhancement!

Regarding ETA I cannot make any promises, perhaps next week, but it is relatively complicated to make a good solution.

Btw: you can also vote fore features.

I want to share some concepts

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Seems intuitive. When dragging and dropping to the “Upload” area, would it upload to the currently selected folder? Or would it support dropping directly onto a folder to upload it there?

It makes sense to support both.

Started with development. There will be a minor breaking change. The field FileName in the API will be renamed to Name, because folders will be just special assets.

I have decided to implement tags for now. Much more powerful and i think easy to use.

When I click and type in the “+ Tag” area, nothing happens (what I type never turns into a blue pill). I tried clicking enter, tried tabbing out of the field, nothing seems to “save” what I am typing as a tag.

Looked in JS console, no errors. Looked in Network tab, no AJAX call made.

Presse Space for new tags

That works, thanks. Why not Enter key also?

The tag editor i also used in other forms and would conflict with form-submit. Therefore I changed it but I can make the component configurable.

Thanks for your feedback. I have added the Enter key and will deploy it tomorrow.

And thank you for offering great support! I’m excited to see where the Squidex product will go!