[IMPLEMENTED] Allow for redirecting user to the resource they were trying after login

This is a more detailed feature request following the discussion here.

Desired behaviour is to redirect user to the resource they were trying to reach after successful auth. Original post was specifically asking for this behaviour to occur for custom OIDC but I imagine this could be a good feature regardless of the auth method.

Please consider this example to better illustrate my case:

  1. Squidex instance is running with UI__REDIRECTTOLOGIN=true.
  2. Unauthenticated user is trying to reach /app/foo/content/my-schema?pageSize=10 in Squidex.
  3. User is taken to the login page whatever that entails (username+password, OIDC).
  4. After successful login user is redirected to the original resource they were trying to reach - /app/foo/content/my-schema?pageSize=10.

As mentioned in the other post, this would be a change to in the UI.

I think this should be the default behavior anyway.

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