[IMPLEMENTED] Add section separator in schemas


It would be really usefull to add a separator « field » in schema editor to allow a form of sectioning/structure/organization on the content editing side.

Use case : I have a big « settings » schema where I’d like to organize my fields more clearly by sections. Ex : meta tags, security, or mandatory vs optional, base vs advanced…

Feature : The separator field should have a name, a short description, a default state (open, closed), and a background color. It’s position should be orderable. It should also be available in nested schemas.

This would be super usefull for content editors.

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Thank you for the feature requests. Sounds useful, indeed.

What do you think about tabs?


In my view you should keep tabs for system features, not for content features.

In this case I see simple block/container separators for sections :

  1. They are better if you have a large number of sections; width is constrained, height is only scrolling
  2. Blocks are also more flexible because you could have more than one in an open state at once, tabs can represent that.
  3. Blocks are easier to reorder.
  4. Tabs are a mess when their title as long length

But I see why you think of tabs, it takes out nasty html nesting.

Blocks/containers are more flexible and desirable for this feature.



The current master release contains an implementation.