[IMPLEMENTED] Ability to hide "Custom ID" field for schemas


We’ve had feedback that we should not show the “Custom ID” field to our users:


As they always want to rely on generated IDs, this field (although it is very subtle) could cause a small bit of confusion and takes a little chunk out of the available screen space (especially as it follows you while you scroll).

Edit: Forgot to say that for us we could happily disable this at the App level as we don’t have any users that we want using this functionality, however having an option at schema level would probably be more flexible.

I feel like I have seen this mentioned before but I cannot find it to see what your feelings were on this. Not a major issue as it shouldn’t hurt if users do make use of this functionality and like I said it is quite a subtle field atm so some users didn’t even notice it was there!

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I hate it to add more options for things like this. But perhaps a small “+” icon somewhere?

Yeah I am always conscious when raising things like this that Squidex is a headless CMS, but it makes me even more grateful when you make a change around it!

I was going to say you could make it impact the API to make it a more worthy addition, however that would mean essentially removing Upsert functionality for a schema and I am not sure that would be a good thing…

It is only a UI thing. What I meant I hate it to add options for customizing Squidex.

I have added a small button for that.

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