Image upload path & images remove

Can i set upload path for my images?

For example /assets/{app}/{collection}/{item_id}/

And can i delete all assets when content deleted?


So for: No to both. The second is hard to implement. How do you know that the behavior is intended for one asset but not for another?

Upload all images for content item in one folder (create it by id name), and remove this folder if content will be removed… No?

just if i create 100 entries and each one has 10 photos i get 1000 photos in one folder? I want to clean up the structure a bit.

In a team of people you have no guarantee that it is used properly. The only option is to “claim” an asset and to use it only for a single content item, so that nobody else can reference it.

Or a special field that embeds assets to documents instead of referencing them.

Does that now work like that, and put all the images in one folder? Or i can set path in api request? no idea how to properly organize?

When you upload an image via the API you have to define the id of the parent folder for now. You can play with the UI and inspect the requests. The asset folders are new and there is no documentation yet.