IIS. There are no schemes and content in the backup

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Current behavior

Hello, I have two servers. The first with iis, the second with mongoDB.
When I make backups, it has no “schemas” and “content”.
What could be the problem? Thanks.


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Squidex is based on event sourcing: https://martinfowler.com/eaaDev/EventSourcing.html

The backups contain the events and the schemas, contents and assets are then rebuild from the backups during restore. This has the big advantage that all historical information are maintained.

I have an app with “schemas” and “content”. When restoring a backup to a new app, there are no “schemas” and “content”. I attach a screenshot.

Why do I have no “schemas” and “content” in my backup??

The backup above is from a very empty app. Perhaps you have to recreate it or so? I have no idea how you created it.