Identity Server Schemas


Very interested in the Identity Server support you are developing. Is there any information available about creating the required schemas in a cloud or local Squidex instance


Hi steve,

the identity server is not ready yet and I will continue with it when the backup system is ready. At the moment you can have a look to the model classes, e.g.

One of the biggest points on the todo list is localization, which would change the schemas a lot.

+1 for this - really looking forward to trying a beta version of this.

@Sebastian - is it realistic to expect a beta of the identity server this year? I know you’re working on backups right now, just not sure of the timescales.

Absolutely. I moving to another city beginning of next week, but I hope to finish the backups end of next week.

Then few more days to finish the beta. I hope end of August. The only big todo left is localization.

Hi Sebastian,

Good luck with your move.

What do you mean by localization? Localization per user?

Multi-language support for texts and localization for numbers and so on.

Schemas go out to production tomorrow with a first alpha.

The schemas have been deployed yesterday.

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