Identity server 'Operation failed' error

Hello there,

I am giving squidex docker (:latest) a go on a local ubuntu vm (given i am used to working with ubuntu when it comes to linux that i prefer for simple local server use).
Now i got it working (after some work, the docs are not very clear to some one that is not used to backend and server level handling), but when i try to “login/signup” the pop-up show me the following error:

Operation failed
We are really sorry that something went wrong.

I have seen this in the docs in the Troubleshoot section and so far as i know, my config in the .yml should be correct for the environment:

  - URLS__BASEURL=http://localhost/
  - EVENTSTORE__MONGODB__CONFIGURATION=mongodb://squidex_mongo
  - STORE__MONGODB__CONFIGURATION=mongodb://squidex_mongo
  - LETSENCRYPT_HOST=localhost
  - VIRTUAL_HOST=localhost

The only thing i could not provide is the ms auth client & secret.
Are these mandatory/is this part of the issue, or did i make another mistake (as well)?
All other docker squidex installed containers and systems seem to be running without issues that i can see.

The only part of the install docs i did not get, as in where to actually set these variables or access them, is part 4: “You can configure Squidex with environment variables, command line arguments and the appsettings.json file.”
Are there still different locations that i should edit? if so how to do so (this is my main struggle with the current docs).

Thanks for any light on this issue as always.

Afaik you cannot use lets encrypt with localhost. Have you checked the logs?