Identify schema in variable schema reference


I have a reference field that allows several schemas. Is there a way of knowing what kind of schemas these references are? When I request the content I only get the alphanumeric id value, and wouldn’t know how to do the query URL since it needs the schema name.$filter=data/id/iv

Or is there a way of getting content without specifying the schema?

intro(accepts 3 kinds of intros)

For this example, there are only 3 possible schemas, the 3 intro variations.

Thank you very much for your time, Sebastian.


each content item has an app name and schema name. See the following test that demonstrates that:

Hi Sebastian,

Is this the case also for the rest API?

I only get ids on the json.

“multichoiceArray”: {
“iv”: [
“multichoiceMultMedia”: [

I mean you can use the described endpoint to query all referenced items and from these items you get the schema names.