How to use JSON Query Filter for nested details

Json query not valid: Path 'data.details.iv.related-entity

I would like to return all records where related-entity in (ID1, ID2, ID3, ...)

Is there a way to filter from the following structure?

"data": {
   "friendlyName": {
        "iv": "Relationship between 'Trenton' and 'City'"
   "details": {
        "iv": [
              "friendlyName": "Initial Data",
              "fromDate": "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z",
              "toDate": null,
              "entity": ["001578497"],
              "related-entity": ["001572604"],
               "order": 4897,
              "notes": "Added from initial data model postgresql store"
            "location-type-details": {
                "iv": [
            "data-id": {
                "iv": "REL018955897"

Can you please format your code using code blocks? It is hard to understand like this.

Done :slight_smile: I mistakenly forgot to format it.

Have you seen this:

I am not sure if it works.

Yes, I looked at the documentation and struggled to find an example from there since the examples only show root level properties without selecting properties from items within an array. :frowning: