How to set workflow state in email rule

I have create an email rule but I have some problems.
I set up a rule, but I can’t set the name of the user who created the content, other than the one who triggered the event $USER_NAME and the status of the workflow content.

The email should notify the creator of the content that user X has changed the state of the content to workflow state

Thanks a lot


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  • [ ] Cloud version

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It is not possible at the moment, but we could integrate notifo perhaps. It allows that users subscribe to everything they want and receive a notification when something changes. But it is in beta right now.

You can also create a webhook and send an email by yourself.

If none of this works you need to create a feature request to get access to the creator information.

Hi Sebastian,
thanks! I’ll create a feature request.


But I think that notifo has more features:

  1. Everybody can decide itself whether they want to be notified.
  2. In-App notification
  3. Web Push notification
  4. Emails + Aggregation
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