How to set up email notifications?

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I don’t understand how to set up email notifications in Squidex. I’d like contributors to be emailed when they are mentioned in a comment. The email should include the comment, the content item the comment relates to, and a link to get to it in the Squidex interface. I’m sorry if this is already documented somewhere.

Great product, by the way!


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You can use a rule for that.

On the left side (action) you have “User mentioned” and on the right side (action) you use the squidex email with the $MENTIONED_EMAIL as placeholder for the email address.

But I am working on a new notification system, which will be announced soon. So I hope that in a few weeks it is not necessary anymore. You can then also subscribe to content items or schemas or whatever is interesting for you.


Thanks very much, Sebastian. That worked well. One thing that didn’t work was “$CONTENT_URL” — which I was hoping would point to the item that had the mention related to it.

Great news about the new notification system.

hi Sebastian — where are you up to with the notifications?

When I tag people (in this case myself) in a comment, I want to be able to get to the content item being talked about.


Thank you

In general notifications are removed from newer versions.

But in your version you can use a the “User mentioned” trigger to send emails via rules.

Hi Sebastian

Some of the fields I include in my rule work, and some are just rendered as ‘null’:

I’m guessing on the ‘COMMENT_TEXT’ one, but the rest are from the documentation:

Help please!


the comment system is generic and independent from content. Therefore not everything is available.

$CONTENT_URL and $SCHEMA_NAME is not available, but ${EVENT_URL} is. Unfortunanetaly it does not contain the host

Please always use this syntax ${EVENT_URL}

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Thank you Sebastian.

This worked well:

In an ideal world I would also be able to supply the name of the item in the email, but it doesn’t look like that is possible.


Perhaps later, the problem is the generic design that makes it hard to implement that.