How to migrate app from cloud to self-hosted squidex

Hi, I would like to migrate my app from the cloud to our self-hosted squidex. I also need the content history, not just the schemas.

So I tried to create a backup in the cloud, copied the link to the backup, then I tried to restore the app via admin section and it says it imported everything. However, I can’t see the schemas nor the content and if I try to re-create the schema, it says that the schema already exists with that name.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Can you please guide me on this?

Thanks in advance!

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This is how it works usually. But I think it does not work if you mgirate a backup from 4.X (cloud) to 5.0 (self hosted).

Therefore I ask people to fill in all the information.

I understand that must be the reason.
So I suppose there is no way how to accomplish this? Is there any backup convertor or something similar?

You can install 4.X locally then restore the backup and then update to 5.0

How would one go by to achieve this ?

  1. Get 4.X repo.
  2. Follow install instructions.
  3. Restore the backup, via the locally launched app. (top right > administration > restore) ?
  4. “update to 5.0” ?


Exactly like this. Step 3 to 4 can also take a while.

Thanks for the reply @Sebastian
Not sure I understand how Step 4 would be done in this instance.
Do you have some documentation ?

In case you use docker, you just update the image version and restart your container or compose setup. Then squidex will automatically run a migration before the first start.

In the case If we build it manually ?

The same, just replace the files and restart.