How to impose globally unique constraint

Hi Sebastian,

It seems that the “unique” validation constraint (in the Squidex editor) only applies to values within the given schema.

I would like to impose a global unique constraint, covering all values in the app, for certain fields. What approach you would recommend for this?




You should probably just use a guuid. Squidex unique validations are not always unique. If you make two documents very quickly we have had duplicate “unique” ids before. If this is not possible you can consider using a custom validation which can check if the value has been used in any of the relevent schemas.


Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the GUID approach, is it possible to have a “hidden” field in a schema, such that I can generate a GUID when new content is added, but the user will never see it? Or to have a field that users cannot edit?

You can mark a field as disabled and create the ID with scripting. But I have to make an extension to the scripting extension for that. Feel free to create a feature request.

Thanks, Sebastian. I’ve added the feature request.

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