How to get the _id of assets to trace the file in blob storage?

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Current behavior

I got the id of the asset from content.
And I got the picture in assets but I wanna to get the asset in blob storage directly.
I found the picture stored in blob storage have different name from the id.
The name in blob storage have prefix and suffix.
How can I get the name of the asset in blob storage?

Expected behavior

api can also return the id of assets in blob storage.

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Version: [5.4.0]


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In the blog storage the ID is used. If you edit an asset you get a dialog that shows this ID.

Do you mean the Identity in edit mode?

However, the id in blob storage has the prefix and suffix.
And I found that you mention the suffix is “_0” in other topic.

Yes, thats the identity. The file version is added as prefix, so “_0” for the initial upload, “_1” for a new upload / save of the same file and so on.

Hi, I think the prefix is the id of the app, but I don’t know how to get it all in one query.
I am using Squidex C# SDK.

Yes, there is an old semantic and a new semantic:

        // OLD
        private static string GetFileName(DomainId id, long fileVersion)
            return $"{id}_{fileVersion}";

        // NEW
        private static string GetFileName(DomainId appId, DomainId id, long fileVersion)
            return $"{appId}_{id}_{fileVersion}";

The asset client has this method, which can be used:

Let me take a look. Thanks.

I only found
Task<AssetDto> GetAssetAsync(string app, string id, CancellationToken cancellationToken = default);
in the SDK.
Cannot find the getFileName function.

Get file name is from the server…, I just wanted to show you the different names.

Do you mean I should create a function like this? But how can I get the appId?

If you check your chrome network tab, search for a call to /api/apps and check the response. It has a list of apps with their ids.

I found the id in the chrome response.
Is there any way to get the id from SDK?
Do you mean I have to hard code the id only?

I would just hardcode it…

Okay, I will just hardcode it. Thanks!