How to get api calls logs from stdout

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Current behavior

api calls logs can only download ,but can not be seen in the stdout

Expected behavior

api calls logs can be seen in stdout

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api calls log can download from here .
but when i use : kubectl logs squidex-pod ,to see the log ,i can not find api calls log .
so how could i get the api calls log from the stdout ?

I see log statements like the following in my logs:

  "logLevel": "Information",
  "message": "HTTP request executed.",
  "elapsedRequestMs": 9,
  "filters": {
    "userId": "62cc2f2d4f0e600cfd47fbd9",
    "costs": 0
  "timestamp": "2022-07-12T08:27:36Z",
  "app": {
    "name": "Squidex",
    "version": "",
    "sessionId": "a06a57e8-e751-4e4f-b821-3fdd8533c526"
  "web": {
    "requestId": "00-aba0823af5fe622d0351d4db47a2018b-5faf6a6c4ebb15cb-01",
    "requestPath": "/notifo-sw.js",
    "requestMethod": "GET"

yes , when use kubectl logs squidex-pod ,you can get this kind log , that’s right .
but when you download api calls log ,the log looks like this :

so , i am asking could i use kubectl logs squidex-pod to get api calls log just like the download api calls log ?

I have no idea, this is more a kubernetes question. But why do you want to do that? You should have a logging infrastructure anyway, like elastic search or so. Then you can search in the logs, create charts, alerts and so on.

currently ,when i use kubectl logs squidex-pod , i can get the log just as you showed above , but all the log ,the app name are “squidex” ,but no app name “my-app” as the download api calls log showed .

You could extract that from the URL, it was never relevant for me.