How to filter or search by ID?


In the content’s ui, is there a way to search if we have the exact id (captured from the API)?

Looks like the field is not available to be used in queries:


It is possible, but not recommended, because it is faster to use the dedicated endpoints for that. But you can just use the URL.

Thanks, @sebastian - could you please share an example of how to search for an ID, I mean, URL example?

You can also use OData queries directly in the UI:

$filter=id eq 'YOUR_ID'

should work.

For the normal API you should of course use the normal endpoint:


You can also query multiple ids with


or across all schemas


Thanks Sebastian,

We just tried this:

$filter=id eq '43b3f6f2-0866-499e-bbfb-6d2a8304c3d4'

But it is returning back all records

Here’s how the link looks like:$filter%3Did%20eq%20%2743b3f6f2-0866-499e-bbfb-6d2a8304c3d4%27%22,%22sort%22:%5B%5D,%22filter%22:%7B%22and%22:%5B%5D%7D%7D

In the API you do not need a filter for that:

You can just use


If you use a query you have to decide if you want to use OpenAPI OR JSON queries. Right now you combine these things a little bnit:


/app/zubale-jobs/content/jobs/?$filter=id eq '43b3f6f2-0866-499e-bbfb-6d2a8304c3d4'


/app/zubale-jobs/content/jobs/?query={ filter: { field: id, op: eq, value: '43b3f6f2-0866-499e-bbfb-6d2a8304c3d4' } }

I have simplified the last exampel a little bit to make it more readable.