How to enable autoscaling for Squidex

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Squidex runs as one instance

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We want to auto scale to multiple instances based on load

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Version: 1.3.0


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We are running Squidex on Amazon EKS and it is running on one pod. It serves to a mobile application. The user load is high at times which could be as high as 50,000 users accessing the app in bursts. So, is there a way to scale the number of nodes/pods, and would Squidex work fine? We had tried this 2 years ago with an older version but it was failing.

Thanks in advance.

This is really out of the scope of the support forum. Autoscaling is always done by the hosting platform, e.g. kubernetes:

You can just increase the pods with version 7.X, but you have to ensure that you only have one worker node:

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Thanks a lot Sebastian, we will explore this option.