How to do unit testing on Squidex?

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What is the general way to develop and run unit testing for a C# App using Squidex as DB?

Can we create an environment with all the schema but empty content, for the test?

Is it possible to create a snapshot before each test, and restore the backup after the test run?


App Name: middle-stage-phone-pk

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It is independent from the programming language.

the main question is: Do you want to do unit testing or integration testing?

Unit testing

To make unit testing easier, Squidex provides interfaces for all clients and the client manager:

You can use this to mock these services, e.g. with FakeItEasy:

Integration testing

Usually for integration testing you should have a separate environment. You can either use the CLI and the sync command to create a plain app that you use for starting everything or you do it manually:

It would be better, if you do this with self hosted instance inside your CI, so we can easily get rid of the chunk data, e.g. in the github CI I start a docker-compose with all my dependencies and use this to run a few hundred tests on that:

Hello, thanks a lot for the elaboration. I am going to try out these options.