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I have installed squidex inside a local server (kubernetes) and cannot create users. The message Ask your administrator to create an account appears in the authentication mask. How can I enable the form for creating users?

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If you use an external identity provider, the first user is the admin, otherwise you have use the IDENTITY__ADMINUSER and password to create an admin user as described in the docs.

I created the admin via variable, at the moment I would not want to use an external provider, also because we will have to integrate it with SPID (Public Digital Identity System).

I read the document but I did not understand correctly. I have created a new app to which my colleagues must access for evaluation as an editor. Do I need an app identity provider and connect it to the app? I honestly did not understand the explanation well.



you have to go to the admin section and create the user accounts. THen you add your colleagues to the apps, they should have access to.


I entered the email addresses of my colleagues but the option to set the password does not appear, the only way I have found at the moment is to copy the “admin” password as a hash inside mongo.

If you click on your profile on the top right you should see a link to the admin section.

thank you! it works


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