How to create schemas with UI


I am using squidex cloud version, when creating schemas I noticed that we can only add fields but unable to design UI for the schema. so can you please let me know on how to design UI for the schemas which we create.

Thank You,

Hi Syed,

what kind of UI would you like to declare? The editing UI is directly inherited from the actual schema.

You can edit fields of course to define labels and so on.

Hi Sebastian,

I would like to create UI page with title, subtitle and logo as schemas with option to change the title, subtitle and logo when ever a content is created from that schema.

Thank You

What do you mean with “UI page”? As a headless CMS user you have to create the UI yourself.

UI Page as shown in below snapshot. so the UI cannot be created inside schema section using editor?

In general the UI cannot be created. You can define a schema that is close to your actual UI, but I recommend you to focus on the data structures instead. A structure like “article” or “hotel” is reusable in many, many places and not tight to the frontend.