How to contribute

If you like to improve Squidex, here are a set of tasks that need to be implemented.

Documentation is most important, but I know that it is very boring. Therefore a list of tasks:

1. Rule extensions

Write a rule extension for an external system. Examples:

  1. Create a facebook post
  2. Send an event to amazon queue
  3. Invoke serverless functions
  4. Trigger build in various build servers.
  5. Check out contful marketplace for more ideas.

The basic concept for rule actions is described here:

You can also have a look to existing rule actions:

2. Use machine learning to tag assets

There are plenty of services out there which could help with this. There is already an existing interface which can be implemente for the tagging process:

The tagging for images can be found here:

3. Local time for date time editor in UI

The current datetime editor in the UI shows the UTC dates, which might be confusing. It would be great if the editor can be improved to have a toogle or so to switch from one mode to another.

The editor code:

3. Cloud integrations

If you are an expert for one of the big cloud providers (AWS, GKE, Azure …) it would be great if you can provide a ready to use template to install Squidex within the cloud.

If you are interested in one of these tasks, give me a note and create your own topic for this task. Other ideas are very welcome as well.