How to config Squidex login page with OIDCN as default but still support form login

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  1. configured OIDCN and allowPasswordAuth = true, then Form login is default and OIDCN login needs a button click

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We want to make OIDCN login as default, but still want form login available by naviation.
We did: allowPasswordAuth = false
result: OIDC is default login, but clicking Home, it does not prompt for form login as an option.
Question: Is it possible to configurate Squidex login page such that OIDCN login is default, but still able to navigate to Form login?


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What do you mean with “by default”? You have to enable both, there is no precedence or so.

Hello, so am I right in saying if we have set allowPasswordAuth = false it is not possible to log into the UI as the administrator user as that user can only log in via the built in forms login?

Alternatively we may have to add our own administrator user(s) into our AD and grant admin access.

There is only a single login form. So yes, you have enable passwords in general.

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What I meant by “by default” is the first Login option is presented. The users can only be prompted by one login option. If both Form login and IODCN are enabled, then form login is prompted. That is what I called “by default”.

Right now, the logic is as followed: If you only have one login option and this login option is not password, then the redirect is done automatically. Because in this case we would just show a single button, which does not provide any value.

With this single login (not Form login), there is still a Menu button Home. When clicking it, nothing happen. What is the purpose of this Home menu?

Which home button do you mean?

On the OIDCN login here is what it looks like (I can’t paste image)
** Authentication Home
Login Button.

I am still not sure what you mean…

It is our login page implementation so we should probably just remove the “Home” link!

So in summary our ideal functionality would be to automatically forward to our login providers page but with the option of manually going to the Squidex Forms login somehow. Can understand if you feel that’s a bit niche!

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