How to add tags in Tags field type

The Tags field type.

How to type my tags/labels in it?

The hint text suggest ‘+mylabel’ with a plus sign as prefix. Should I include a plus sign or not? It’s a little bit confusing, the UI, for this particular field type, I must admit. Probably obvious what it should be once you see the json response but for regular editors they might be wondering the same thing as I did and they shouldn’t need to know json or programming to figure this out.

@Sebastian maybe add a card for this in Trello. I suggest putting a couple of tags in the input type fiield placeholder without the plus sign - something like this: Lifestyle Food Travel Sports

Which leads me to the next question: What about labels with multiple words in it? From and editors point of view I would actually much rather have some other kind of UI elements because having just one text box I think is not enough. Your UI/UX resource can probably come up with something clever!

You are right, I use the same control for the assets where I have limited space. But I can optimize the placeholder here. The trick is to enter commata (,) to add a new tag.

I have improved the placeholder.