How to add back Deleted Content with same Id as before

I had some records in Squidex schema with predefiend Ids. One of the team member deleted them from Squidex and when I am adding it back with same Id it throws exception that (Object_Conflict error) item already exist. I tried to call delete method but it throws (object not found error).

Data is there in Squidex but looks like soft deleted. I want to permanently delete that content and recreate with same Id. I tried to even drop schema and create it again but still stuck in this situation.
Or if there is way to bring back the deleted content somehow and use API to permanently delete them.
I am kind of stuck…

Which version do you use? Self hosted or cloud? Please use the template for support requests next time.

Before version X (don’t know which it is there was no way to do that, but now you recreate content.

There are even 2 tests for that:

You can also try to hard delete it with “permanent=true”.

I was able to resolve this using Upsert method.

Thats weird. According to the test, both cases should work. But perhaps you are using an old version?

I am using Squidex.ClientLibrary" Version="7.8.0

But which server version?

I will check with the team and get back to you. Mostly we have latest image

Okay, weird, I will just leave it for now.